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Explosion-proof membrane

Generally speaking, explosion-proof membrane structure has the following several:
1. Anti-wear layer: It is composed of wear-resistant polyurethane with hardness up to 4H.
2. Colored PET safety base: It is made by melting and extrusion of high-strength and high-transparent PET polyester and pigments by biaxial stretching. Because the pigments are embedded in the PET film, it can prevent oxidation and discoloration, and its service life is up to 8 years.
3. Metal insulating layer: nano-scale metal layer with high reflectivity to infrared ray on PET film by vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering;
4. Composite adhesives: polyurethane adhesives with good weatherability and high transparency;
5. UV absorber layer: It is composed of special UV absorbent, which can block 99% of ultraviolet radiation.
6. Transparent PET safety base: It is composed of high-strength and high-transparent PET polyester film. The purpose is to sandwich the metal layer in the middle, prevent metal oxidation and prolong the life of the metal film.
7. Installation Adhesive: It is composed of acrylate adhesives with good weatherability and high transparency.
8. High transparent PET film.
Performance characteristics
The production process of high-grade automotive thermal insulation and explosion-proof film is extremely complex. Taking 3M automotive explosion-proof film as an example, its product process structure consists of seven layers: polyester film, metal coating, adhesive layer, wear-resistant layer, ultra-thin coating and two safety base. The functions of each layer are different. Its main performance characteristics are as follows:
_Metal coatings mainly reflect and block infrared and heat generation wavelength to achieve heat insulation and ultraviolet insulation.
_Polyester film and super-Pu coating can effectively reduce glare, unidirectional perspective, automatically adjust the light in the car, suitable for any change of weather Yin and Yang. Clear vision, safe and comfortable driving.
(3) Safety base has very good impact resistance and tear resistance to prevent glass bursting and flying.
(5) Super wear-resistant layer to prevent scratches on the film surface and keep the car body beautiful.
_Adhesive layer is a very important layer, the whole film and automobile glass are integrated into a whole through the adhesive layer. The 3M film is made of unique patented pressure-sensitive viscose layer, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and achieves the best strength about a week after the end of construction. It can not only realize the comprehensive performance of the film, but also effectively improve the strength and rigidity of automobile glass.
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