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antifogging film

Product Brief:

The anti-fogging film is made of special nano-coating material, which consists of anti-fogging layer, PET layer, next layer and separating film in turn. It has excellent anti-fogging effect and is very suitable for the fogging environment such as ice cabinet, safety helmet, swimming goggles, bathroom goggles, car windows, building glass, etc. At the same time, because of its hydrophilic characteristics, it can also be used in the rear mirror or window of the car to avoid the formation of water droplets to obstruct the line of sight when it rains.

Product characteristics:

High durability/long-term use also maintains function, chemical resistance, strong wear resistance.
High transmittance/Coating surface provides visibility with excellent optical transmittance.
Dispersion prevents/prevents damage to glass fragments when applied to mirrors or glass.
Weatherability/prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light or maintaining fresh water function.
Convenience/use of silica gel, easy to paste on the substrate, tear off without leaving silica gel trace. The cleaning of the coating is simple and the maintenance and management are convenient.
Compliance with Environmental Standards/Compliance with Domestic/Foreign Environmental Standards
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