our advantage

Unity, struggle, pragmatism and innovation

our advantage

Unity, struggle, pragmatism and innovation


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Automotive Solar Films

Product Brief

Kewei products are divided into five series: magnetron sputtering series, primary color film, IR nano-ceramic film series, resin film, brittle film. Kewei thermal insulation film can provide you with up to five series, nearly 100 colors enrich your choice, and with eight levels of technology, nine product thicknesses and more than ten functional choices, to create for you the core technology materials of eight well-known brands. Brilliant personalized products.
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Building insulation film

Product Brief

Advanced magnetic control technology is carefully built, which integrates modern science and technology with clean and environmental protection, and has both quality and function. 18 layers magnetron sputtering, thermal insulation and filtering, the thinnest functional layer thickness less than 0.1 mm, excellent performance but thin as cicada wings. Purple and gold series of precious metals, the symbol of noble quality, the bearing of face value, gorgeous and restrained style, noble but not noble
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Explosion-proof membrane

Product Brief

Generally speaking, explosion-proof membrane structure has the following several: 1. Anti-wear layer: It is composed of wear-resistant polyurethane with hardness up to 4H. 2. Colored PET safety base: It is made by melting and extrusion of high-strength and high-transparent PET polyester and pigments by biaxial stretching. Because the pigments are embedded in the PET film, it can prevent oxidation and discoloration, and its service life is up to 8 years. 3. Metal insulating layer: nano-scale metal layer with high reflectivity to infrared ray on PET film by vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering;
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antifogging film

Product Brief

The anti-fogging film is made of special nano-coating material, which consists of anti-fogging layer, PET layer, next layer and separating film in turn. It has excellent anti-fogging effect and is very suitable for the fogging environment such as ice cabinet, safety helmet, swimming goggles, bathroom goggles, car windows, building glass, etc. At the same time, because of its hydrophilic characteristics, it can also be used in the rear mirror or window of the car to avoid the formation of water droplets to obstruct the line of sight when it rains.
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KeWei Window Film makes you the pro.

You can have glass with sun protection, cooling properties or a dramatic look, even without an interior designer or a luxury car.
KeWei Window Film transforms home and auto glass in just an afternoon, at a reasonable price. ur DIY products
are made for Oprofessional results, with precise standards and advanced technology.

About us

Jiangxi Kewei Film New Material Co., Ltd.,located in Yanjiang Industrial Zone, Dingshan Town, Pengze County, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China,registered capital of RMB 120,000,000,cover an area of 133,200 square meters,which is the first high-tech manufacturer specialized in whole industry chain-window film with independent intellectual property rights,such as Automotive window film,Car solar film,High-tech sputter film,Security window film,Smart glass film and so on.By accumulating lots of experience in film products range in domestic market since 2005,Kewei film establisted the first exporting business from 2009 filled with domestic film production technology.Kewei is headquartered in Jiangxi,China with a representative office in Guangzhou.Kewei has established a comprehensive sales network in more than 40 countries and regions globally,has become the biggest solar ......

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